Over the last few years, I’ve been moving away from following recipes and toward experimentation – cooking by ear. This is probably something that happens eventually to everyone who enjoys cooking, but it’s an exciting experience for me.

When it started, I had moved to a new country but my recipe books had not yet followed me. So I looked up recipes for baking powder biscuits on the internet, but I also didn’t have my American measuring cups. So I tried to estimate the proper amounts of flour, sugar, etc., and had a few failures but mostly succeeded in what I was trying to do.

I realised that some recipes (cakes, for instance) require precise measurements, but some (vegetarian chilli) will work perfectly well if you chop up a few vegetables and pour in a can of beans and a can of chopped tomatoes. Then I tried to recreate dishes that I remembered eating in restaurants – pasta with sautéed vegetables, prawns and pine nuts. They worked out pretty well.

Now I’m trying fusion. A friend back in Kentucky taught me how to make latkes (those wonderful potato pancakes that you most often see around Hanukkah), and I took the recipe with me to England and made them any time of the year, serving them with apple sauce or Greek yoghurt or popping them on top of a green salad for dinner that felt slightly more healthy. They’re pretty easy to assemble: grated potato, grated onion, egg, crushed matzo cracker.

My husband taught me how to make onion bahjees, a popular starter in Indian restaurants and a nice snack or quick meal. Also easy to assemble: chopped onion, gram (chickpea) flour, curry powder and water.

Tonight I made fritters of grated potato, grated onion, gram flour, egg and curry powder, which were delicious. Small Boy can now say ‘More latke bahjees please.’


About emilyallwright

I'm an American living in England with my husband and small child. I'm interested in sustainable living and old-fashioned skills, detective fiction and folk music.
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